Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Wedding Extravaganza!

Maddie is waiting for her turn on the dance floor with the groom, Jesse.

Josh was a groomsman, and Amanda was a bridedsmaid. They looked great in their coordinating colors.

We enjoyed a relaxing fall evening at the reception. After the outdoor wedding, the guests were treated to snacks while they waited for the photographer and wedding party to finish. Then an excellent supper was served followed by a DJ and dancing.

Mason does like the girls. He had his eye on Macie, the flower girl. Mason danced with her and then spent some time with her collecting roses off the cake table.

It was a wonderful family event. Jesse and Mandy (bride and groom) are good friends of Josh and Amanda, and the rest of our family. They hosted a great wedding and reception! Congratulations to them!

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