Monday, October 24, 2011

Easy Rider!

I know, I know. Kids and lawnmowers don't mix. But just once, before the mower is put up for the season, Papa took the kids for a ride (mower disengaged, of course!). Shy, quiet Maddison is our thrill seeker. She loves the fastest, steepest, scariest rides at the amusement park. Little daredevil, Mason, holds back when it comes to stomach flopping events. He will walk on any cement wall and will jump from a dining room table, but he tends to be cautious when it comes to moving objects. Anyway, Maddie persuaded her papa to take her for a turn or two, and then Mason spotted them and wanted to try. Maddie could have gone in circles all day if Papa had been willing (is it my imagination, or is that pure joy on her face?).

On a separate note, we attended a most wonderful wedding last weekend. Jenny and Rhys got married in front of a standing room only crowd. But the best part was the dinner and party after the wedding. We entered the reception hall to a gloriously decorated feast for the eyes. The colors were black and white, and the tables held trees trimmed with crystals and flickering globes. Behind the head table was a modern piece (made from twigs) of lights. There were slushie fountains of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, a buffet with 3 meat choices (including boiled jumbo shrimp) and a dessert table with tuxedo white and chocolate covered strawberries, cake, cupcakes, mints and a great nut mixture (special recipe of the grooms family). Each place setting held a treat bag with two dipped jumbo pretzels rolled in a nut mixture. I am telling you, it was spectacular. I got to visit with a cousin I don't see often (Hi Toma!), and an aunt. After the meal, another cousin DJ'd and we enjoyed watching the dancing. The bride and groom filtered through the crowd visiting with the guests. This is the second wedding in two weeks, each event special and different as the couples hosting them. The very sad part was that I forgot my camera, so I have to be as descriptive as possible to share the event. Both weddings were memorable and oh so much fun! When growing up, I remember weddings as rather somber affairs with a mostly punch and cake reception. I have to say, I rather prefer the way things are done these days (of course, as long as I don't have to pay!). Cheers to a long and happy married life!

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