Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Times Are A Changing (or not)

A funny thing happened to me on my way to Subway this week. As I was walking in, a tall man in a baseball hat was walking out. "Hey" he said, "Aren't you Diana?". Well, yes I am, I said. "I am sorry, (said I) I don't recognize you". He shared his name with me, and I realized that he was a long lost friend from my early college days (Jr. college, now called Community College). I told him that I should have recognized him since he looked the same as he had since those college days. He lifted his hat and showed me that he had quite a bit less hair these days. I asked him how he recognized me (after all, it had been 35 years or so since we had seen each other) and he said: "Well, you still have the same hairstyle".
Yikes! I had to laugh at that remark. My family, especially my daughter in law, who happens to be a cosmetologist, often remind me that my style, especially my hair style may be a tad bit behind the times. I mean, who keeps the same hair style for 35 or more years? Oh I had a brief period of trying to grow it out and wear it in a page boy (that sounds so old fashioned, don't laugh). And I have recently been highlighting it to cover some of the grey. But for the most part it is short, brushed to the side (a bad habit I am in) and brownish blondish.
So, on Friday, I made an appointment with said DIL and told her that I was ready for a change. She highlighted, cut and curled. She styled, sprayed, greased and teased. I went home looking pouffed, curled, quite grandmotherly. My husband never noticed (or maybe he knew it was futile to say anything since it wouldn't last). This morning the style is all gone. I can guarantee that when the "do" is washed, it will look nothing like it did when I walked out of the salon, and totally like it did when I walked in. That is just the kind of hair I have. Hair dressers love my hair. It is thick, coarse and absolutely will lay just the way it should. However, what they don't know (and I do) is that it does NOT like to change. No matter how hard they try to make it into what they want, it will ALWAYS go back to where it wants to be! A cold, hard fact that I cannot control. So, I should have taken a photo of my glammed up do, but instead you will (or maybe will not) get to see a picture of me after I and my hair have had their way. I will try to post soon (even though I don't like to post pictures of myself), so you can see this independent and stubborn head of hair that tops my oh so round head!
And for the long lost friend. . . we talked for almost an hour and really caught up. He has two college aged children, is active in a small country church, farms and does software on the side and seems to have a great life. His wife has a U-pick berry patch and even wrote a cookbook. Funny thing is, we have lived 15 miles apart all this time and this is the first time we have run into each other. He is a genuinely nice man and I was glad to see him again. I have his wife's business card, so I may just wander to his place come spring and pick some berries. I can almost bet that my hair will still look the same!

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