Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend Observations

Just a few observations at the end of a great weekend: 1. To have the furnace and air conditioner on in the same week must mean that spring has arrived in Missouri. 2. Nothing is better that watching small children enjoy the pleasures of outdoors after a long winter. 3. Having the family gathered at the table means more than all the money in the bank. 4. Under the "kids say the darn-est things" column, Amanda told me about a couple of funny things Mason said last week: After day care, he told his mom that he had pinched his finger on the journal. She asked, "you mean the book that you write in?" (he is 3). He said, "no, where I pee". Oh. . . the urinal! And then she was pulling into a parking lot preparing to park. From the back, Mason said, "Don't park in the Captain's spot". She said; "The Captain's spot?". She turned around to see him pointing at the "Handicapped Space". 5. There seems to be so much work to do both inside and outside a house after a long cold winter. I don't even know where to start, so I just spent the weekend enjoying family and outdoor activities. I guess the work will still be there next weekend.

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