Thursday, April 28, 2011

Everyone Needs a Rainbow Now and Then!

This has been a rough week for several reasons. Tonight after watching the devastating news of floods and tornados in our country, I looked out our front window, expecting to see the rain I was hearing on our roof, and this is what I saw. Without a doubt, this was the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen. My photos don't begin to do it justice. Not only was it a double, full rainbow, but the colors were almost flourescent in their brightness. I tromped around the yard in my sock feet trying to capture some of the magic of this event. I really wish I was a better photographer. The odd thing is, on the way home the sun was out, yet it was raining. When I got home there were beautiful rays of light radiating out of some billowy white clouds. Soon after I got home, it grew dark and ominous looking. Then within minutes, this rainbow came out. I think God was sending all who saw it a message of hope.

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