Monday, April 4, 2011

Stormy Sunday

We had some violent storms come through our area last night. Yesterday it was 80 degrees here, mostly sunny, but a bit overcast. About 10 p.m., we got a "Code Red" call warning us of severe storms in our area. Soon after the wind started howling and the rain began. About 11 p.m. we lost power. I could not believe how dark it was in our house. I forget how much light we get from LED clocks on the appliances, TV, etc. About 1 a.m. I woke up again and could still hear the wind blowing through our trees. I could not go back to sleep. Usually when I have nights like this I get up and read, catch up on Facebook, or once in awhile turn on the TV. But all I could do last night was just lay in bed and listen to the wind. It was a very long night. Sometime before 4 I fell back asleep, and our power came back on. I am so eternally grateful for electricity! It is still too dark out to see if we had any damage around our property. Most of our weak trees were downed when the tornado hit us in 2006. I will be very glad to see the sun come up this morning!

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  1. We have a wind advisory here today and expecting storms. Woke up to temps almost 70 degrees. Too warm too suddenly!