Friday, March 11, 2011

Just Mason and Me

I had the rare opportunity to spend the day with Mason. His childcare center was closed for training, so I took the day off and hung out with my favorite 3 year old. He is such a sweet little guy. I picked him up on the way home from the grocery store, and he helped me unload the groceries. He was anxious to ride his battery powered truck, since it has been idle most of the winter. After a short ride, he came in to play. He asked to play a game on our new Kinect, so we figured out how to work the silly thing. Soon it was time for lunch (PBJ and an apple, his choice) and after a "Go Diego" cartoon, we laid down together to nap. He has been fighting a cold, so he was more than ready to sleep. He loves to have his back "tickled" when he rests. As I lay beside him "tickling" his back, I paused to think how lucky I am to have two blessed grandchildren in my life. So many families now are separated by the miles, that this would be impossible for them. In a few hours we have to go pick up his sister from school. The whole dynamic will change when we include her. But for now, it is just the little guy and me. And by the way, Mason, "I love you mostest, and I said it first"!


  1. I love your book list and am slowly working my way through.

  2. I love days like this. I look at my grandkiddo's and I can't help thinking how precious they are and how blessed I am. Thank you God for allowing me this time with them :) deb