Thursday, March 3, 2011

Green Eggs and Ham

I had the honor this morning of eating breakfast at Maddison's school. They were celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday by serving green eggs and ham. With the exception of the food, it was a wonderful event, complete with the Cat in the Hat (aka Mr. Roth the principal!). I can't help but feel that I need to literally soak up every minute I can with Maddison and Mason before they get to the time when being with Mimi and Papa is not the highlight of their week. Maddison and I had such a great time this morning. On the way to school, we laughed as we tried to think of funny looking foods that we have eaten. And then we tried to think of other kinds of food that would be fun to eat green (ice cream, mashed potatoes). We got to the school a few minutes early and had to wait for them to open the doors. It was chilly and Maddie leaned into me and I wrapped my arms around her. Even after other kids came to the door, she let me keep hugging her. On the way to the cafeteria, we held hands as she pointed out various school landmarks (the art room, the office). How long until she won't want to hold my hand or let me hug her in public? I dread that day! Maddie and Mason still run and jump into our arms when they come to visit. I don't want them to ever lose that enthusiasm to see us. In reality, I know that it is coming. It will be a sad day indeed when their friends take priority over us, and they shy away from those public displays of affection. But today, walking down the school hall, holding hands with the sweetest little red head I know, I made sure to keep a mental note of how wonderful the feeling was. It will be stored in my memory bank for the day when she walks a step or two ahead or behind me, embarrassed to be seen with an adult. May that memory bank hold strong for times when I need to go to a "happy place"!


  1. We also had green eggs and ham at my school today. So glad that you are involved with your grandchildren.

  2. It is smart to not dwell on what will be and enjoy to the fullest what is! deb