Friday, October 1, 2010

It's Friday

So, here we are. Finally the end of the week is here. It was a long, hard week, probably because I struggled with a sore throat and cold symptoms all week, I had two evening obligations and two days of training. I am absolutely opposed to wishing my life away, but I am sure glad it is Friday. It is one of those great fall days where the temperature is warm, the sun is shining, and the air is crisp. I trudged through the grocery store after work and came home to unload and put away food, fold laundry and pay bills. Now I have a few minutes to rest before I need to start supper. It will be a busy weekend I believe. I think we are going to have the children both days this weekend, since Amanda works on Saturday and has a competition for school to attend on Sunday. I hope to spend a lot of the weekend outside with the grandchildren. On Sunday Jessica and I are planning on doing some bulk cooking and freezing so we will have ready made meals for busy nights. This week, on the evenings that I worked late, we had pizza one night and fast food fish the other night. I hate it when we do that. I am about 95% dedicated to eliminating convenience and fast food from our lives. It is that 5% that sneaks up on me when I get too busy to cook. Maybe if we get some frozen meals together, we can kick my dedication up to 99%. (I have to admit that I can't commit to never having another McDonald's french fry.)

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