Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Windy Wednesday!

I do believe that winter is coming. For the last several days we have had some extremely strong winds in our neck of the woods. The temperature has been fair, and the days mostly sunny, but that wind has been wicked!
Our annual fall family get together was last weekend. We hosted the event, since so much of the things we like to do in the fall involve the outdoors. Having a home on 50 acres in the country qualifies us for the hosting. It was a rather sad weekend for me, since most of my immediate family was not there. By immediate, I mean my daughter, son, son in law weren't here, and most of the time my husband was working. Amanda and I sort of "held down the fort" in their absence. Jessica and Scott had the flu all weekend, and of course Josh is still away. We had lots of help from extended family, and for that I am thankful. Some got the straw for the hayride, and others helped set up the table and campfire. It turned out to be a great weekend, weather wise. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, chatted around the fire, watched the 6 young children play and then went for a short hayride. The evening ended with a TV viewing of the wonderful victory of the Mizzou Tigers over Oklahoma. These events really make me aware of the blessings of family. We are 25 + strong, and try to get together at least once a season. This commitment to convene on a regular basis has kept the family strong. I certainly missed the ones who could not make it and hope that next year we will all be together.
I guess now that we have had the fall get together, autumn can give way to winter. But the wind and the howling of the wind have really made me wish that winter was still a few months away. Happy fall!

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  1. It sounds like a great time! I love it when family gets together! It is so hard to get everyone together at the same's always disappointing when all your own kids can't make it. Hope you had some downtime afterwards because I'm sure you worked really hard on this! Good for you! AND...what about those TIGERS???