Saturday, March 31, 2012

Redbud and Honeysuckle

Of wishes and dreams and memories.  I am mostly sure that I could never live in a state or area that did not fully demonstrate the changes in the seasons like Missouri does.  With each season change, new memories float back to me from my past.  This spring the redbud have been in full splendor in our woods.  I can't see a redbud without thinking about how much my mother loved those trees.  I don't think I was as impressed with its beauty as a child.  I now see the redbud as a very early sign of warmer weather and season change.  They stand out among the brown and dull trees of winter that seem to take so long to turn green.  I think that someday my children and grandchildren will remember how much I loved the spring (and fall) beauty of Missouri. 
I don't have any particular memories of honeysuckle.  This bush is not so impressive from a distance, but upclose you appreciate its delicate blooms and the heavenly smell from the branches.  We have a hillside covered with honeysuckle and you can smell it from quite a distance away.  Maddison was not so impressed with the smell of this spring experience, but maybe it will trigger a memory on a warm spring day 20 or so years from now.  She may get a whiff of the sweet fragerance, close her eyes and remember a day, many, many years earlier and smile.  She won't know quite why, but it will make her think of days spent wandering around Mimi and Papa's farm.
I don't have a lot of material possessions to leave to my family.  I am not a collector of antiques or jewelry, I don't quilt or crochet or create beautiful crafts to pass down to anyone.  Neither did my mother.  I have very few of her "worldly possessions".  But she gave me patience and caring.  She shared her love of nature and life and oh so many memories of times spent together.  My wish is that I can do the same thing for my children and grandchildren.  Redbuds and honeysuckle. . . and the memories they bring. 


  1. Sweet words and a touching post.

  2. I just told my husband that I wanted a redbud tree in my backyard. They are such a pretty sight at the onset of spring! What I missed most about Missouri, besides, family when we were living in Florida was the change of seasons. Spring is one of my favorite times of year! I love reading your post and it brought back many memories for me, as well!