Monday, August 2, 2010

School shopping. . . or I should say back to school shopping. It has really been years and years since I have participated in this event. Yesterday we took Miss Maddison back to school shopping. This is a little tradition the women in the family hope to make an annual event. This year we used it as a catalyst to Maddies enthusiasm for kindergarten. She has not exactly been enthusiastic about starting school. I am really not sure why. . . it may be Matilda's fault (the movie about the little girl with mean and crazy parents, and an even meaner and crazier school principal). We have all tried to raise her level of excitement by telling her wonderful stories of our years in school, and the adventures we all had. She is not buying the propoganda we are selling. She isn't vocal about not wanting to go, but then she is not vocal about wanting to go either.
Anyway, back to the shopping story. Our first order of business was a lunch box. And boy were there alot of good choices. She immediately went for the pink box with the monkey on it. I wanted her to really get what she wanted, so I began pointing out some nice features of the other boxes (built in ice pack, insulated thermos, shoulder strap). She changed her mind about eight or nine times, before settling on a cute turquoise box with a detachable insulated thermos. Along the way she picked up some items on her required list (have you seen a school supply list lately)? It is longer than my weekly grocery list. Multiple amounts of crayons, glue, markers and scissors are just part of the requirements. She picked out an outfit for the first day and then we headed toward the shoe store. Now, quite frankly, I hate buying shoes almost as much as I hate car shopping (and almost need a loan to be able to afford the shoes!). Maddison had a shoe plan going into the store. Only one type of shoe was even on her radar. . . Like a homing pigeon, she flew directly to the section containing the "Twinkle Toes". This widely advertised shoe was not really about support, comfort or durability. It was not about how many of her outfits it would match. . . it was all about the gems on the toes, the sparkles on the body of the shoe, and most importantly, it was about the lights that flicked on and off as you put pressure on the soles. She picked out the most amazing pair of sneakers I have ever seen. They could have been popular during the sixty's and seventies. . . peace symbols, stars, hearts, bright colors. Now these shoes had personality. The price tag was almost as amazing as the shoes. . . but that shall remain our little secret. The best part was the glow in her eyes as she carried them out of the store. If it is true that you are what you wear. . . then she will be full of life and sparkle on her first day of school. Lunch box. . . $9.99, outfit $15.00. . . shoes (fill in the blank). . . joy and confidence in a 5 year old little girl. . . priceless!

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