Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dallas, Day

Well, we finally arrived at Dallas about 6 last night. We made excellent time until we got within 20 or so miles of our destination. There was a fender bender on the interstate and we traveled about 3 miles in 35 minutes. I have discovered that there are at least two reasons why we don't live in Dallas: traffic and temperature. As we sat in creeping traffic, the thermometer on the car said 107 degrees! I am so very thankful for air conditioning!
We were thrown for a bit of a loop when we found the hotel. We thought that we were staying in the same place we stayed in 2 years ago. But we are in a new hotel (same chain), several miles from where we had been. Even though this place is very nice, it is in an area with mostly offices, and the walking area is limited. Having said that, it is most likely too hot to walk outside anyway. Last time we were here, a nice residential area bordered the hotel and I spent a lot of time walking, but then is was also October, not August.
I did some exploring last night, and found a pool, an exercise room, and this computer! Along with my books, I think I have plenty to keep me busy. After supper last night, Randy and I visited a nearby discount store and I got some breakfast and lunch food. The hotel has a bistro, but $4 for a bowl of oatmeal, and $9 for pancakes just doesn't seem like something I need to use.
I have to admit that sometimes I criticize modern technology. However, any time I, or any of my family travel, I am thankful for the cell phones, facebook and internet. We have also really appreciated the Garmin on recent trips. It takes the guesswork out of traveling and helps keep the driver's blood pressure down. I guess I had better get my day started. The treadmill is calling my name and I can't think of one excuse to not use it!

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