Monday, August 30, 2010

The journey has begun! We are on our way to Dallas for work (him)/relaxing(me) week. We had a nice drive to Joplin yesterday and stopped over to see my sister and her family. She fixed a great supper last night and we got to enjoy my niece and her husband and children for awhile. It was nice to have a home cooked meal, when we have a week of eating out in front of us! Debbie fixed a big blackberry cobbler for me (my absolute favorite dessert in the world) and it was so wonderful. Blackberry cobbler transports me back to my childhood quicker than anything else I can think of. My mother always made this cobbler in the summer, and I can still see her preparing it and smell it. My mom has been dead almost 25 years now, but this image is always fresh in my mind. My sister's cobbler is just like my mom's, so it was a very special treat.
After Meg and her family left, the old folks spent a few minutes sitting around the living room and soon postures began to slump, and eyelids got heavy. We aren't exactly the life of the party anymore! We were all in bed before 10. This morning we are packing up again and heading south. I think Meg and her youngest, Ryan will meet us for breakfast before we go. We should be in Dallas before evening.
I checked facebook this morning and saw that Amanda posted that Maddie threw up last night. I can't help wishing that I could have been there to help. Being a "single mom" is certainly a tough job when no one is sick. But when a child is sick and all the responsibility falls on one parent, it can be tough. And even though no one "likes" cleaning up vomit, Amanda is especially sensitive to it. Josh told me once that Amanda and him have a deal: she cleans up the diaper messes, and he gets the vomit. I am sure that she is feeling the full weight of two young children today.
Before we left yesterday, Scott and Jessica came for a short visit. It was good to have them at our house again. Their visits have been rare since they moved out and I miss them. We talk frequently, but they have been busy with home chores, work and school. We sat around the kitchen and just talked. They brought Mason with them and he was so much fun! Amanda took Maddie shopping. She is trying to spend some 1 on 1 time with each child to make them feel special. It is also easier to keep one, since there is no sibling bickering. I think it is a great plan.
It is only a few more days until we head to Birmingham to see Josh. It will be so great to see him. I am most looking forward to seeing him hug and kiss on his wife and children. It has been 2 full months since he left. It has been a long haul for them and it will be great to have them back together again.
If I can get computer access, I plan on blogging during our Dallas stay. I packed my bag of book yesterday and am ready to relax. The weather in Dallas shows 97 each day we are there. I was hoping to explore on foot some, but I may have to change my mind in those temperatures. The place has a pool, so I may have to check that out!

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