Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I now have 5 blog followers. They are a lonely, but faithful bunch! I have yet to have a comment posted on one of my blogs, but once in awhile I will get a personal comment, or one via facebook. I am a little shy about people reading my soul, aka my blog. It is a little like having someone read your diary. But, in the end, I enjoy writing so much, if it touches anyone's life, or a passing pleasure is gained, I have done a good thing. Many moons ago I wrote for the local paper. My main subject was my then fiance, now husband, Randy. Believe me, he got more than his share of ribbing about it. He still does occassionally! I believe I wrote about his love of 4 wheel drive vehicles, his hunting obsession, his remote control use, his lack of domestic skills etc, etc. I was sort of a very amateurish Erma Bombeck. (Believe me I flatter myself with the comparison, but it was a very vague likeness). Some of my columns were not so funny. The hardest one I ever had to write was after my prospective mother-in -
laws untimely death at age 45. She died the summer we were to get married, and we ended up postponing the wedding. The odd parallels between planning a funeral and a wedding kept coming up, and I wrote about it. Just last week I had someone tell me that they still have that column that I wrote. It was my simple way to deal with the sorrow and trauma so many I loved were going through at the time.
It seems like I always have an idea in my head that I want to write about. Sometimes I manage to carry the idea out, sometimes I don't. Some people daydream about vacations, retirement, fame. I just daydream about thoughts I can develop and write about. For years I really didn't have a "medium" for this writing, until I discovered blogs. I am pretty sure that writing a blog is about as close to joy as I will get out of a "hobby". I can't sing, draw, decorate or do anything else remotely artistic. But I do like to pretend to be a wordsmith once in awhile.
The other night I had an idea in my head for the letter to Maddie (School Supply List). I came home ready to start typing. Ideas had been rolling around in my head for hours while I was out shopping. I burst in the door ready to type, and to my horror, Randy was on the computer playing video poker. I paced, I shuffled papers, I piddeled around the house. I didn't want to tell him that I needed the computer to blog, because, quite frankly, he doesn't really get "blogging". I think I finally distracted him enough to be annoying and he said, "do you want the computer?" Oh sure, I said (quite casually) if you are done. He slowly got up, and I could hardly get to the computer fast enough! I typed out my thoughts quickly, and like a smoker taking a final puff, my senses began to settle down. I wonder if there is a 12 step program for writers addiction?

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