Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Well, here I am at work at 6:30 a.m. The winter and our roads have digressed to the point that I am afraid to get my little car out. The problem now is that the road ditches are full of ice and snow, so the monsoon that we had on Sunday has no where to go but on the road. I worried a few times yesterday when Randy and his 4- wheel drive truck brought me to town. He was the taxi man yesterday. He dropped me off at work, picked up the grands and took them to the sitter. Came back in town to take me to lunch (spoiled, right?), went home for a little while, then picked up the kids, and then me and then dropped the kids off! Today, he is working, so I rode in with him at 5:45, and will be here until 6:15 or so. The good news is that I should get a lot of work done. The bad news is that makes for a very long day.
I feel like such a whinner, but I am really so very tired of this winter. A cousin is vacationing in South Texas and posted beach pictures. It made me want to jump in the car (which would probably get stuck in the driveway) and drive South. I need to feel the sun on my bones!
Enough of all this. I really wonder what I will ever blog about once winter is over. It seems like most of my postings reference the weather. I guess in Missouri the weather always give us something to talk about.
On the bright side (and I had to think hard about this one), I am caught up with all my Tivo'd shows. I tape Oprah and Dr. Oz daily. The way I see it, I am not really wasting my time watching these shows, I am just learning something in passive mode. Dr. Oz hammers daily about healthy eating and exercise. I think the message is coming through, because today for my lunch I brought 3 pieces of fruit and I have a vegetable based soup. The weather is definitely interfering with my workouts. No car means no trip to the Y, and slush and mush make it difficult to walk outside. Although on Saturday, the kids and I braved the elements and went on a long walk. We happened upon an old downed telephone pole and had a great time walking on it. Maddison seems to have great balance and Mason, well, he had fun just jumping off. They had a blast, and didn't want the walk to end. Unfortunately, Mimi had very cold toes, so we had to cut the walk short. It was great to get them outside and get some fresh air, even if the sun didn't shine.
I am looking forward to long walks in the spring. A final, last sad note. The giant hay bales that we had so much fun sliding down and jumping over are gone. The farmer across the road used the last of them to feed his hungry cows. I guess we will just have to wait until next year to do that again!

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