Friday, February 26, 2010

Tim McGraw. Oh my goodness! Last night we went to see the Lady Antebellum/Tim McGraw concert at the Mizzou arena. The evening started off rather crazy, but then got better and better. First Randy was late getting home from work. Then we got stuck in concert traffic, and went bumper to bumper for 40 minutes. When we got to the arena, parking was difficult, and we had a long walk (and boy was it cold). We finally got in and seated, 30 minutes late. Fortunately, we got seated right before Lady A came on, so we didn't miss anything. Plus, we had great seats, 8 rows off the floor.
I like Lady A, but am not a huge fan. However, they put on a good show.
But when Tim M came on, I was hooked. Not only does the man look sensational, and sing well, but he has incredible energy. He began singing one hit after another. My new favorite of his is "Blank Paper". However, the most moving was his hit about the soldier writing the letter home. You could feel the emotion in the place. A service man and his family sat in front of us, and after he sang, several people around him, obvious strangers, hugged him and shook his hand. I think that is just a piece of what makes America great. It was an amazing concert!
On a separate note, we finally have sunshine. The forecast is even great. The temperture should be in the 40's all weekend, and into next week. Which means that hopefully our road will thaw and be easier to travel. Only one little negative about the sun. . . it has made me realize that my house is in desperate need of cleaning. No sun equals invisible dust and floors. Lots of sun equals dirty windows, dusty floors and furniture. I think I really have my work cut out for me in the next few days. It is worth it to see the sun. Maybe this long hard winter has ended. Amen and thank you!

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