Sunday, February 14, 2010

Let it snow, let is snow, let it snow. Why not? I have decided to stop fighting the weather and just go with it. We have had snow on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and more forecast for Monday. I have already made plans to car pool to work on Tuesday with my hubby. The wind is supposed to be 30 mph, which I am sure will mean more drifting, and the temperature is supposed to plunge.
We have had a nice weekend with company, outdoor play and indoor card playing. Valentine's Day is always the mark of the end of winter for me (of course I have been trying to tell the weather that). It seems like we usually have some warm, sunny days in February, but they have not appeared this winter yet.
Mason and Maddie spent Friday night with us, and sad to say Mason got a touch of the flu. I had a flash back into the days of a sick child, and little to no sleep. Yesterday was a bit of a fog because of it, I think. Mason was lethargic, feverish and "spuked" several times.
We got Maddison a play-doh ice cream sunday maker for Valentines Day. We had so much fun playing with it. We made sprinkles, swirls and molds. And of course, we had to have some time to make and decorate some real Valentine cupcakes. We made strawberry cakes with pink icing and strawberry slices and sprinkles on top. Quite colorful and delicious! Mason got a wind up camping flashlight, which I am sure he will enjoy when he is feeling better.
All in all, it has been a nice 4 day break in routine. Tomorrow is a day of rest, with a little laundry and shopping in the works. Randy finally got a facebook page, so we have messed around with that some, too. Now the Olympics are on. In the sports world, we go right from Football to Olympics to Nascar, to basketball to baseball, and then back to football. We didn't even get a week of sport rest! Argh!!! I guess it passes the time while I sit back and watch it snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow. . . you get the point!

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