Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Room Renovation Maddison Style!

 After some hard work, the room is ready for the big reveal!
 Maddison was truely surprised by the "new room".

A very happy little girl!

Last weekend we spent the day helping redo Maddison's room.  She had outgrown her princess room and a new style was in order for the soon to be 8 year old.  Maddison loves horses, so Amanda decided to go with a horse themed room.  The green was a little extreme, but Maddie loves it and it does pull out the green in the horse comforter.  Amanda and Josh had secretly painted furniture and accessories prior to the room painting day.  Aunt Bea kept Maddison out for the day while the room was being redone.  The painting above her bed was Amanda's creation, along with some technical help from Josh.  Maddison's reaction was cute. . . she was a little overwhelmed as 7 of us watched her and snapped photos.  She is a modest little one and doesn't like a lot of attention focused on her.  She reported to me later that she LOVES her new room and the bed sleeps very well!

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