Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kitchen Explosion 2012

 Amanda and Jessica and I decided to have a cookie baking day recently.  The ingredients for all the cookies spilled over to the dining room table.  It was indeed a family affair, and all 8 of my immediate family participated in some way.  It was such a wonderful day.
 Okay, when I say "participated", I might add that at least one person thought their only role was taste tester.  He shall remain nameless.
 And the cookies began to pile up quickly.  The plan was for Amanda and Jessica to bake while I did the clean up.  At times I had trouble keeping up!
Josh and the little ones worked on a jigsaw puzzle while the women cooked.  It was such a nice way to spend a Sunday.  With all of our schedules, it is rare to have a whole day where all of us can be together.  The girls packed up most of the cookies and were planning to share them with co-workers and friends.  This was definitely a day for the memory books!

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