Sunday, August 26, 2012

Vacation vs Hospital

You know, when you think about it, being in the hospital is really not all that different from being on vacation.  Really!  I bet you just never thought about it.
Let me list the similarities:
1.  You are away from home.
2.  You get to have meals served to  you.
3.  Someone cleans your room and launders your sheets.
4.  Room service is just a "call button" away (use your imagination on this one, nurse's response time is about like hotel's front desk response time).
5.  The days stretch in front of you with no beginning or end time.
6.  Family and friends may be part of your unplanned days.
7.  New people (strangers) are encountered during the days and nights.
8.  Sleep can be difficult in a new environment.
9.  There is a much more relaxed dress code, you know, no shoes, no shirt, no problem.
10.  You spend much more money than you hoped or planned!!!

We are now in day 5 of Randy's hospital stay, and I for one, am ready for this "vacation" to be over.  No chance of him going home today, so I am hoping for tomorrow, but even though he is feeling somewhat better, the stomach problems remain.  We are both trying to find some humor in the situation, as we have with all the major road bumps in our life.  I couldn't help but contrast and compare what we were doing a short two weeks ago with what we are doing now.  Sad to say, it is fairly apparant that the vacation caused the hospital stay (see previous post regarding salmonella).  Please keep us in your thougths and prayers.  


  1. Stay positive and I do hope he gets release ASAP!

    1. Thanks Michelle. I always look forward to your comments.