Friday, August 24, 2012

Something is Bugging Him!

Somewhere between Missouri and Gulf Shores, Alabama, Randy picked up a nasty little bug called Salmonella.  He began complaining, mid vacation, about pains in his stomach.  He would try to eat, but eating made his stomach more upset.  On the way home, he began having headaches.  We got home on Sunday evening, and by Monday he was chilling and had other symptoms, which I won't go into here.  Just take my word for it, it wasn't pretty!  By Wednesday he ended up in the hospital via the Emergency Room.  He hopes to be released by this coming Monday.  Being in the hospital is never fun, but it is somehow insulting and shocking to transition from vacation to being admitted to the hospital.  Until this afternoon, the
doctors couldn't figure out exactly what was causing the illness.  One of the tests results came back today, positive for salmonella, so at least now the doctors know what they are dealing with.  
I took this photo of Randy at a great little tourist place in Gulf Shores called LuLu's.  It is owned by Jimmy Buffet's sister and has a lot of fun things to do within the restaurant.  Randy ordered this bizarre blue drink, but didn't finish it because it was too "sweet". 
I will post updates on the "patient", and would love it if you could keep him in your thoughts and prayers.  Thank you!

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