Saturday, November 19, 2011

Heigh Ho

Yesterday I got the okay to go back to work on Monday. The follow up Dr's appointment was quick and contained no surprises. He told me that the lingering pain in my side and the feeling of being constantly bloated were perfectly normal and would eventually go away. I am going to be glad to get back into a routine and tackle work issues. This last two weeks has allowed me to decide that I am not quite ready to retire yet. (By our company time line, I have 6 more years until the minimum retirement). Of course being sick is not quite the same as feeling good and being retired! I have had the chance to watch every cooking show featuring thanksgiving food on the planet! (The big question is: to brine or not to brine the turkey. . . . I was overruled and we are frying ours this year). I could probably wipe anyone off the face of a trivial board. I have watched/listened to and read more news than I ever care to again! My house is clean since I have had bursts of energy when I have taken one area and cleaned it. . . plus I bullied my husband into vacumning. I have even done some on line Christmas shopping (nothing purchased yet).
What I haven't done is spend quality time with Maddie and Mason. Josh broke my heart yesterday when he told me that Maddison was sad the other night and when he asked her what was wrong she said; "I am missing Mimi". Boy am I missing her too!! And her little brother!
So I am finishing up my convalescense time at home. I will quickly be absorbed in the 40 hour work week again. It will be a stark contrast, but I think I am ready for it. Wish me luck!

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