Thursday, August 18, 2011

Play Me Some Mountain Music!

My brother David, pictured with his wife Kathy, loves music. He brought along his guitar and we spent one evening doing a sing along. It was old fashioned fun meets new technology. He has an app on his IPad that has guitar notes and words to almost any song imaginable. He took requests and we provided a less than stellar choir for him(okay, I did, I really can't sing!). Jessica was the lead singer, with Martha, Kathy and Scott joining in. I lip synced so I wouldn't ruin the evening! It was so much fun. We are planning another family get together soon, and I hope music will be a part of that event, too. I have to say that my mother would be so proud of David and his musical ability. She also loved music, and was especially fond of John Denver. As we sang some of John's music, I thought of my mom and the legacy of her children. It was a special evening!

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