Friday, August 12, 2011

Arthur Bryants of Kansas City

On the way to Colorado, we stopped at Cabela's in Kansas City (KS). Close by was an Arthur Bryant's Barbecue Restaurant. I have often heard of Arthur Bryants and wanted to try it. NO ONE told me how much food they served. My husband got a burned ends sandwich, and I got a pulled pork sandwich. We decided to share fries, and try some baked beans. We had enough food to feed us for several meals. We definitely should have shared a sandwich. The food was good except that neither of us liked the beans much. They were way too smokey for my taste. I am not sure if I will ever go back there, but I am glad that I finally got to try it. I will say that they had the nicest people working for them! The menu said: Bread loaf, $2.50. I asked what kind of bread it was. The employee tossed a whole loaf of sliced white bread down in front of me. (Like wonder store bought, different brand). I guess I was expecting a home made mini loaf. We both laughed! All in all it was fun.

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