Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mr. Bobblehead

Let me introduce you to Mr. Bobblehead. He is a friend of ours that went with us to Colorado. He sat on the dash of the truck and was a willing participant in pranks and photo opportunities during the trip. Here is how he came to go along with us: Before the trip, Randy was cleaning out his truck and found this little happy meal pal of the grandkids. He showed it to them and told them that Mr. B (shortcut for a long name) would ride to Colorado with us, and we would think of them everytime we saw him. They liked that idea. Somewhere along the way, I started taking pictures of him. We decided to make a "Flat Stanley" out of him (character from children's books). We took Mr. B with us to the restaurants, hotels and sites. Feeling a little foolish at times, we explained to a variety of people what we were doing and why. With no exceptions, everyone "got" it. Several offered to take our photo with Mr. B along the way. It made the trip extra fun, and we vowed to put a photo album together when we got home to give to the grands. I think part of our motivation for this game was missing Maddison and Mason being with us. In 2009, they drove with us, along with their parents to Colorado. Since they couldn't make it this time, we decided to take a little of them along with us. In the picture above, we are loading bags to take into our first hotel room (Colby, KS). Jessica decided to take a picture with Mr. B, her honorary brother! I now have the Mr. Bobblehead book on order and hope to surprise Maddie and Mason this week with it. I will post a picture later of the book. We are planning a fall trip to Boston, and have a little plastic monkey (a safety monkey from my husband's work) that will be going with us on that trip. I guess it is true what they say about getting older and reverting back to youth!
If you are planning a trip soon, and have children or grandchildren, I would highly recommend this little game. It is lots of fun!

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  1. What a fun and cute idea! I will have to store this one for future use! Thanks Diana!!