Thursday, June 30, 2011

Don't be so crabby!

While in Florida, we had the opportunity to do something we have never done before. . . go crab hunting. Right before dark, little sand crabs come out of their sand holes and search for food. With flashlights in hand, we walked the beaches to spot these little creatures. Maddison was an excellent "spotter", but the daring prize goes to Mason, who loved to dart around and catch the sand crabs with his net. The big blue crab, pictured above, was making his nightly rounds when Josh snagged him. Unfortunately, he was put in the same bucket with the little sand crabs and the result was not pretty! Mason was crushed that the big crab killed "my very favorite animals" while in the bucket with them. 
I grew up in Missouri.  This nightime crab hunting reminded me of the summer lightening bug hunts we participated in as children. The object was to "catch and release".  On the beach it was fun to watch the groups of people, armed with buckets, nets and flashlights, try their luck.  It sort of looked like a halloween parade. Just another life experience and great memory from Florida!

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