Friday, May 17, 2013

Last week Maddison's class had a cute little end of the year, graduation program (the 2nd grade glass will change schools next year and go to a middle school).  The program was "I Need A Vacation".  Maddison had several solo parts and (excuse the Grandma bragging), she did a wonderful job.  She projected her voice, and remembered her lines.  In the lower photo, Maddie and classmate, Sam prepare for one of their solo parts.  As a fun sidenote, Sam is the son of Vickie, who went through 12 years of school with Maddie's Aunt Jessica.  They participated in many, many class programs and plays together.  Maddison and her Aunt Bea are so much alike in their mannerisms, likes and personalities.  During the program, Randy whispered to me: "Who is that little boy behind Jessica?"  Since Jessica was sitting beside us, I turned to look behind her and there was no little boy.  It was then that I realized that he was talking about the little boy on stage behind Maddie.  I had to smile because my mind really wanted to think that we were 25 years in the past watching Jessica perform.  My how time can play tricks on you!
In other highlights of the week:  I had to make an unplanned trip to the eye doctor to discover that I had a challasion(spelling?), which is kind of like a sty that has hardened.  After dealing with it for over two weeks, it is finally getting better.  One of the programs I supervise at work was monitored this week and we lost a long time employee.  One resignation has set off a chain of movement in the programs I supervise.  I don't think there will be any rest for me at work for awhile!
We are contemplating a quick trip soon to Springfield, Illinois to check out the Lincoln Museum.  Our children decided to combine a Mother's Day and Father's Day gift and send us away for a little trip.  It should be fun!

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