Monday, May 6, 2013

Author's Day

I was invited last week to "Author's Day" at Maddie's school.  I joined her and her class for lunch and afterwards we went to her classroom to look at a variety of items that she had written over the course of the school year.  I always look forward to visiting the kid's school and this was no exception.  Maddie's friend, Natayla, ate lunch with us and boy does she like to talk!  It was fun seeing the interaction between the kids and their guests.
Maddie had written a sweet story about her brother.  In the story she told that Mason is good at sharing and he says nice things to her.  It warmed my heart to see how she feels about her little brother!
In other news, this was a busy weekend.  We joined Jessica and Scott for a "trivia night" on Friday and then on Saturday we went to a local concert featuring a "Johnny Cash" legend. It was fun.  We have gotten into a rut of staying home a lot, I guess because we have had such a harsh winter and spring.  It is time to break out and live a little!  On Sunday we went to Columbia to a Farmer's and Artisan's Market.  It was a fun morning, followed by a little lunch and shopping.  It is hard to go back to work after such an eventful weekend.  This is a short week for me, as we are off on Wednesday for a state holiday (Truman's Birthday).  Have a good week everyone!

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