Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thank God I'm a Country Girl!

There was a time when no one in my family thought that I would live in the country.  But having lived in the "woods" for over 15 years now, it would take a mighty persuasion to move me back to town.   This year I am convinced that there is nothing finer than May in Missouri.   Can anyone tell me what the "flowers" are in the bottom photo?  My husband wanted to eradicate them because they were weeds.  Weeds or not, I love them.  They are so cheerful and happy looking.   After reviewing my posts from the last few months, I decided I needed to have a subject other than Maddie and Mason once in awhile.  It took some doing to find pictures without their smiling faces in them. 
Someone asked that I post pictures of the progress on our "shelterhouse" that we are building.  I am trying to hold off until it is completed so I can do a blog on it's progression and finish.  Stay tuned!

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