Saturday, April 21, 2012

Four Wheelin'!

A few weeks ago, Randy had surgery on his right ankle.  This proceedure removed bone spurs that were a result of a severe break in 1998 (caused by a car accident).  For two weeks, he couldn't put any weight on his ankle, so they sent him home with a "Roscoe", pictured above, next to our Polaris Ranger.  Believe me, the Roscoe is not exactly a recreational vehicle!  It was only slightly better than crutches, and Randy was so happy to return it to the doctor's office when he was finished with it.  It is funny how much we apprecite our mobility when we have lost it for awhile.  My empathy goes out to all those who have to reply on support to get around.  I decided to snap this photo so we could always remember the not-so-fun 4 wheeler we had for a short time!

1 comment:

  1. A friend of mine used one of these for a bit. Didn't like it either! But, it is hard when you lose your mobility! Hope Randy is doing well!