Monday, February 13, 2012

Best of Friends?

It was a kid filled weekend at our house.  What I noticed most this past weekend was how much fun Maddison and Mason have together.  They remind me so much of our children when they were young.  In fact, several times recently I have caught myself calling Maddie, Jessica and Mason, Josh.  Maddison takes the caretaker role and wants to "mother" Mason.  He has a divided reaction to this.  Sometimes he really "eats" it up and plays the younger brother.  The other part of the time, he resists her "babying" him and wants to prove that he is as big and capable as her.  These pictures show these siblings at their best.  Maddie is "schooling" Mason on an IPad game, and then reading a goodnight story to him.  In fact, as we soon found out, in the bottom picture, Mason had already fallen asleep.  Explains why he is so still!  I would like for the kids to always maintain these close ties.  I know from experience that a lot can come between siblings, but when you get to the "heart" of the matter, those feelings are still there, just sometimes buried!

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