Sunday, September 8, 2013

South Dakota 2013

 We recently returned from a road trip to South Dakota.  This is our third trip to the area and will probably be the last for quite a while.  Although we love the state, we have seem most of it and have quite a few other spots on our "bucket list".  If you have never been to see Mount Rushmore, you really should put it at the top of your vacation list.  It is beautiful and inspires a patriotic feeling that is hard to match outside of the D.C. area.
 Randy and his brother Jim rarely let us take photos of them.  I am not sure why, but I have very few of just the two of them.   Jim and Randy have very different likes and lives, but they have remained close over the years and are truly good friends.  We manage to see Jim and Joanne once or twice a year, even though they live 1500 miles away!
 A wonderful surprise on this trip was a scenic drive through Custer State Park.  We took the Needles Road, which was beautiful and was named after this rock formation that looks like the eye of a needle.
 A trip through Custer would not be complete without seeing the buffalo roaming around.  We got caught in a hail storm during this drive, which seemed to make the buffalo rather motionless.  They are majestic animals and I love to watch them.
I love to photograph the changing skies in the West.  This was taken in Custer on the Needles road.  Shortly after I shot this the hail started coming down!


  1. We are hoping to travel to SD next summer! I am enjoying your photos!

  2. Awesome pics! several years ago when John and Jay were still pheasant hunting, we took the kids out a couple days early to go see Mount Rushmore...awesome!