Sunday, August 4, 2013

Taylor to Taylor

 Can anyone guess what we did last weekend?  Maddison's shirt holds a gigantic clue. . . For Christmas, 2012, Maddie got tickets to see Taylor Swift in KC. . . she selected some escorts including her mom, her Aunt Bea and me!.  We decided to make it an "all girls" weekend and combine it with some back to school shopping.  What a fun get-away!
 This picture pretty much shows how Maddie was prior to the concert.  She has loved Taylor for a long time (well, at least to a young child) and pretty much knows the words to all of her songs.  She was excited!
 Maddie and her mom made this sign in hopes that it would win her a ticket to Taylor's Tea Party after the show.  She didn't get picked, but some girls right in front of us did.  We  had great seats and really enjoyed the concert.
 When Taylor switched stages, we were very close to her.  Her concert had some amazing choreographing and costumes.  It was very theatrical!
 I just had to throw a picture in of Mason and his missing tooth.  He lost a bottom tooth, but this photo doesn't do the gap justice.  Mason stayed home and got to hang out with the guys and do fun "guy stuff".
A rather sober Maddie gets ready for the second half of the weekend. . . shopping.  She wasn't nearly as excited about shopping as she was seeing Taylor Swift!


  1. Glad she enjoyed the concert!

  2. Gotta love an all girl weekend! Sounds like y'all had a time!