Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October Surprises

Maddison won a "good reader" award at her school for the month of October.  She was all smiles when she spotted her mom and I at the assembly.  I happened to be standing next to a little boy from Maddie's class.  Towards the end of the presentations, before Maddie's name was called, he whispered to his friend, "Maddison should get the good kid award".  After her name was called the little guy again turned to his friend and said; "I told you Maddison would get the good kid award".  It was cute, even though her award was for reading. 

On Friday we got to pick up the kids from school.  It was a beautiful fall day, so we hopped into the "Danger Ranger" and drove to the little creek behind our house.  We wanted the kids to see how dry the creek was after the long, hot summer.  As we were walking along the creek bed, looking for interesting rocks, I spotted this arrowhead.  What a beautiful bit of craftsmanship!  It is the first Indian relic we have found on our property.  The rest of the afternoon I found myself hunched over looking for more treasures.  On Saturday it rained more than two inches and the creek bed was no longer dry.  The arrowhead sparked an interesting discussion about how it got in the creek and who had made it.  A little dab of history right in our backyard!

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