Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Touch of Heaven

During our week at Gulf Shores, we witnessed some amazing skies.  Storms would blow in over the ocean, and usually be gone as soon as they arrived.  One morning we were playing in the waves when a neighboring fisherman pointed to the distant sky.  To the south was a "water spout" or tornado over the water.  We raced to the shore and then watched as it dissipated.  Maddison was especially shaken by the experience.  She has "survived" a tornado that hit our house and has seen first hand the damage the May tornado did to Joplin, Mo (where some of her little cousins live).   The older I get, the more I am fascinated with the world God gave us.  I can't seem to get enough of looking at the moon and the stars at night.  We get a very nice view of sunrises at our house.  We have to be a little more intentional to see the sunset.  Lately, as I come home from work, the sun has been spreading colorful rays through the clouds.  It is almost like it is saying "your day is done, welcome home". 

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